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Another 10 minutes

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My ten minutes a day mantra has been working pretty well. I set down to finish one small thing and end up working for a few hours.

My friend, who happens to be a great programmer has decided to join me in creating a game. We were brain storming about how to make Connect Four a fun and more competitive video game. What we decided was to change directions a little bit. We've decided on a networked match-three game that plays kind of like tetrinet. I'm changing all of the design documentation on our wiki, and we're currently brainstorming ways for you to screw your opponent.

The last couple of nights we managed to tinker around with with Torque some more. I also managed to finish quite a few photoshop tutorials and managed to create most of the prototype art that we're going to need. Tonight I plan to finish the last of the prototype art and begin working on a single player version of the prototype which will be just a basic match-three game.
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