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Ok so first off its going to be a text based game.

Its only going to be a section for my first text based attempt.
First off its going to be about 11 rooms.

You'll have the following features.
-search (you'll need it for a key)
-look (to see the room)
-pick up (for items)
-some small magic ability if you find them
-a dragon who changes elements randomly each game (one game a fire the next perhaphs an ice)
also a few more which im working on.

will update as I get differnt functions off the ground.

any more ideas guys just comment them in, and thanks for all the ideas before hand.
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I like the idea of the dragon changing in some way in every game. Perhaps every prime factor in the game should randomly shift in some way to create a nice roguelike-esquè feel. [smile]

Good luck!

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Ooh sounds interesting, I wrote a text adventure engine and a little game to learn a new language that I needed for my job.

What langauge are you planning to use? I was using tcl which was actually pretty neat for the job. I could very easily script functionality and write a flat file db. Network was a breeze too!

More details please :D

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