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Guest Anonymous Poster


Things I've seen in the dorm shower
  • Vomit
  • A turd
  • Bra's

I've also been brushing my teeth and saw a guy taking a piss at a urinal pass out and fall straight backwards onto the tile. When we got him to wake up, he thought he was dreaming. Turns out he was injecting something and was quite out of it.

Ahhh freshmen dorms.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Maybe peeing in the shower will unclog the drain?

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Yeuch...I would have been suspicious if it had been written by Mr P Rubinson. [grin]

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Clearly what you need are some dead birds to liven the place up. We had those at one of the dorm bathrooms for awhile (broken window).

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I really don't see what the big deal was anyway - solving drain blockage is as easy as throwing some Drano or something down the drain. My family used to have to do it every other week... BECAUSE THE PIPES WERE BAD! :O

But yeah.

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