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Balancing development and socialising

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This subject matter has been perplexing me for a while now. How do you balance a decent social life, but still have time to actually do some game/engine development? I really want to continue with my engine, as it's coming along really nicely, however I always seem to find myself in the pub, talking to whoevers there about anything. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the pub. It's my home. However, can you just go there too much? I'm there everyday ( pretty much - I might have a day off every two weeks or so ), and 90% of my friends I know from the pub... This summer was supposed to be time for me to really crack on with my engine, and perhaps a game, however, I've just spend that time in the pub, and I can't really get out of that habbit. I love socialising too much. When I go back to uni in October, it's gonna be my 3rd year, and so I'll actually have to start working for that too, instead of my usual coasting-but-still-doing-well. Argh. The day needs 48 hours.

Anyway, must dash, I'm off to the pub.
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Don't write the engine. Use someone else's and start writing the game. There are plenty of engines out there. Most are as good or better than something you could do yourself, and for a much better price. Some are even free.

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