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Har har my degree plan has now been filed with the department of arts and sciences LOL!

Now the moment you've all been waiting for: What is Project Galatea? (Trapper Zoid suggested the name in my Bionic Bride thread and it stuck LOL!)

Essentially it is a highly adaptive multipurpose data processing platform and scripting language. I'm still in the planning stages (see above), but the ultimate goal is to be able to feed the system a problem and a set of constraints with the scipting language, and it will teach itself how to solve it with a combination of AI techniques.

What kind of problems will it be able to solve? I don't know yet. I was originally thinking along the lines of mathematical stuff: diff eq solving, curve fitting, etc, but I want to try make it as flexible as possible.

Will it be slow? Most definitely.

Is it even possible? Maybe Not. But thats why I'm going to sit around in the design phase for quite a while and work out most of the problems before I set down any code.
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I'd teach it how to play Halo or something fun like that. Because math sucks.

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Make it trawl the maths and physics forum and work out a homework question co-efficient (hqc) If hcq > 0.75 then process the message and make it try and figure out the answer. Then once you have the answer make it lock the thread and say "Read the Rules, No Homework questions" Throw away answer.

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