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Adventures in Babysitting

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So I finally got off my ass and did my taxes this year.

My refund? A whopping $1.

I feel like the guy in "Adventures in Babysitting".

"There you are, one stitch, all better."
"One stitch?!"
"Oh, yes, one stitch."
"My only shot at ever being in a gang fight and all I get is one stitch?!"

A full 13.6% of my income was wasted away as taxes. Of course, that doesn't count the ungodly amounts of sales tax I doled out during the course of the year as well (now 8.25%, and my county is going to vote on a 1% increase soon).

Since I bought a bunch of dead Iraqi's with my tax money, I was thinking of mailing the government and asking them to send me some authentic certificates of ownership. I'll hang them on my mantle. They'd say "This certifies that Ron personally paid for X dead Iraqi's".

I'm just kidding. I don't have a mantle.
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Interesting - aren't you supposed to be able to deduct sales tax? I think you can here in Washington. That is, if you are itemizing deductions.

Oh, and tecnically, you're not paying for dead iraqis - your kids will be footing that bill.

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It goes without saying that you don't have a layer of the Earth or a sleeveless cloak.

If you're referring to that fireplace thing, that's mantel.

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According to dictionary.com, mantle and mantel are considered varients for each other.

M&W has this bit under mantle, "the outer wall and casing of a blast furnace above the hearth."

Seems like he's using it correctly to me. :)

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Well, we can figure this out. How much of the average tax payment goes to the military? How much did you pay? How many Iraqis per hour of deployment does the United States military kill?

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Seems to me that more Iraqis are dying via Iraqis than by U.S forces, what with all the suicide bombings and IEDs....

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It may have cost you time to file your tax return but just think that the government paid someone to process your return and mail it back to you. What a waste!

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