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Pretty Cool, I really like level 4, it's my favorite of them all (although the boss is a royal pain in the ass[grin]). I didn't see any noticable bugs in the level, alhtough the game did crash on me once (I coulnd't reproduce it, so it might have been my comp).

One thing I think you really need is a level select, I had to change the level load order to get to level 4 (because I suck).

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Yeah, I've considered having a level select mode that you can use if you've beaten the game. That would allow the player to use all of the weapons in the early levels.

I'm glad to hear there were no huge bugs(well, except the game crashing). I was expecting people to tell me that they fell through the platforms[grin]

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Wow, level 4 seems really hard. The flying things that drop the bombs... they are evil. The jumping things are easy to avoid usually, but those hoverbots that camp by the platforms are mean.

The boss is really hard, I actually was on like my last life when I got to him so I wasn't able to win. I didn't try enough at the start because I'm used to being able to beat the enemies pretty easily. I think you've reached a good level of difficulty; you can't beat it right away, but with a little practice the player should be able to get past it.

The platforms worked great, you did very well on them. I saw no flaw in their operation. I hope platforms appear in later levels, also.

Keep up the great work!

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I really put alot of effort into making this level, so it's great to hear that it payed off. I knew this level was great when I first tested it, and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who enjoyed it.

I'll make sure to put just as much effort and creativity into the next level.

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Here's one thing I think needs worked on:

I ran through it a 2nd time, and I ran into death in a platform area. It started me back at the top, and I plummeted to my death again. A third similar incident followed, and then I died again (think I missed the jump that time). I lost 4 lives justlikethat.

Maybe you could make sure the player always starts above solid ground. Or, you could do, like, some kind of slow-motion effect the first couple of seconds on respawn to make sure the player knows what's up.

Or, you can tell the player (in this case me) not to be so stupid and fall in the hole in the first place. :p

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I actually wrote the code so that it only drops the player on solid ground. The problem is that it seems to drop the player with 1 pixel actually on the ground, and the rest off the cliff, so one slight tap to the right and it's over.

So yeah, it definetly needs fixing[grin]

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Best level ever! The rocket launcher toting pogo rockets are perfect. The boss was pretty hard too.

The only thing that I can suggest, is a clip system for the default gun. You'd still have unlimited ammo, but you wouldn't be able to run around just holding down the fire key to kill everything.

I love your game, keep up the good work!

(Oh, and platforms worked perfectly for me.)

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Things pick up nicely on the 4th level. The final baddie kept killing me but I couldn't tell if I just lost or if I actually beat 'em. It just put my to a screen showing stompy and said "Press Enter". However, it didn't do anything when I pressed enter (I was playing windowed, btw).

I think the game needs a LOT more power-ups. Perhaps, when we pick up a new weapon, we should get just a bit of ammo and then have to pick up ammo power-ups along the way. Could make for a lot of nice setups in your level design. I noticed (mainly on the 1st 3 levels) that there tend to be a lot of monotony. I was wishing that Stompy would run a bit quicker so I could get through it, but I was too preoccupied in the 4th level to even think this.

It's coming along nicely! Every level shows a huge improvement from the previous. Keep up the good work... I'll be lookin' out for more. =D

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Thanks for trying it out!

I was meaning to do an ammo power up, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I guess now would be a good time to implement it.

coderx75, it looks like you beat the game since you went to the title screen. But that is wierd that it didn't do anything when you pressed enter. Looks like another bug[sad]

I'm very relieved that the platforms work well. I'm suprised I haven't heard anything about the new transition screen[smile]

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Level 4 was pretty cool although I don't think the boss should appear until you're close enough to shoot him!

Still have a feeling of just holding down the forward key and jumping at the right times to complete the levels though :OS

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Excellent demo! I loved it.

I agree that level 4 is by far the best yet. The enemies, the graphics, and the design are all vastly improved over the first three levels. There are two issues I found. First, I was able to reproduce a bug on levels 1 and 2 where if you're holding down spacebar with the minichaingun and also holding down the right arrow key, bullets fly through you without hurting you. Second, if you pick up a gun powerup when you're already holding that gun, (only possible upon playing through the second time -- yes, I liked the demo that much ;) ) nothing happens. I would at least expect to get an ammo refill or something. [grin]

But very nice work overall.

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