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... Her?

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Sometimes, late at night, I feel this urge to, say, write an entry of some sorts for a site somewhere. Tonight, that happens to be the case. I can't say, specifically, what created this unique feeling in me... But I'm guessing it has something to do with chips and salsa and beer... Yeah, that sounds about right. I don't really have anything to really write about, to be honest. Though let's not kid ourselves here: it's not like I ever do.

The Internet is truly a wonderful place. It is a locale filled with gushing waterfalls, fields of wheat singing hymnals to Mother Nature, unicorn farts and so on. And it all sounds nice, to be sure, but I'm really starting to firmly believe that this Internet of myth is most definitely not the one I'm currently using right now. I say this with the knowledge that I just watched five hundred and sixty five e-mails flood into one of my inboxes and not a single one was actually any sort of important. The fun thing is that there were about 181 e-mails that got considered "junk mail." At some point I realized that Outlook is just a big, big piece of crap. <3 Gmail.

Just as an unrelated side-note: thanks to all the people who expressed concern over a certain insomniac state. I did, in fact, get to sleep immediately after I submitted that entry and jumped in bed. Waking up the next morning and realizing that I was, for lack of a better phrase, waking the hell up. This is most likely an event which can't be relished by a whole ton of people, but for those precious few of us who few sleeping as a task rather than a gift... It's pretty much the greatest thing in the world.

If raising an animal is anything like raising a child then I am officially going to just avoid that little facet of my journey through life. I feel I've done a good job raising little cat (his official name is "Hobbes," but I certainly never call him that -- usually it's "Buddy" or "Cat"). I'm a fairly responsible person, so his feline needs are always met, and he certainly gets an abundance of attention. That all said, I think I went wrong somewhere. For starters, we have the litter naps. Then, of course, there's the inability to distinguish real from not-so-real. There's his affinity for crawling in very unique/uncommon places. To add to this list without the proof of a picture, he has a habit of hating to not be with me in a bathroom. When I take a shower in the morning, he paws and meows loudly at the door. If I, say, don't lock the door (though I shut it) while I'm washing my hands or some such, he'll push the door open and lie down next to my feet. Then again, while still odd, the fact that he tries to pet my face while I pet him is kind of a cute thing. I guess? I'm hoping I'm not necessarily alone in this kind of thing, but as the days progress, and little Cat gets older and older... I find myself becoming increasingly skeptical about that hope.

I'm on a roll with pictures here, so here are two ridiculously cute things: bunny and mousething. I find the whole big, empty black eye thing really neat. Some find it creepy. If you happen to find yourself in that latter category then I highly suggest you also find yourself a soul. Preferably one with taste and emotion.

So, I realize that kind of, you know, turning all of my previous future plans way the hell around a year or so ago was kind of an interesting decision. I am referring to my switch from the Computer Science/Programming stuff to, oh you know, English/Teaching stuff. It's not like I was necessarily all that invested in the programming stuff; I really didn't have all that much backing me up or anything... But I still feel that it's pretty much one of the better decisions I've ever made. Sure it's easy to say that now, you say, it's not like you've actually had to head out into the real world and bring home the metaphorical bacon to your starving children and anorexic puppy. And, yes, that's absolutely true. I'm fairly certain that I'm going to have some difficulty actually getting into a teaching job somewhere after college, but that's all well and planned for at this point. There's also the possibility that I'll write something that will make a famous person want to give me large amounts of money that will help me until I land the high school teaching job of my dreams.

Can't say I'm really counting on that last part.

Honestly, though, getting out of programming has had a fairly tremendous impact on me. I feel like a completely different person than I was two years ago, both mentally and physically. I actually enjoy doing a majority of my homework and going to my classes. I enjoy reading, writing, writing about reading, and reading about writing. And I'm filled with far more excitement than I should be about the mere idea that five years from now I may very well be teaching a classroom about something. Preferably Lord of the Flies and having them enact their favorite scene from the book or something. I think it's safe to say that, in this hypothetical future, I'm going to have to mandate a pre-emptive ban on the whole "Piggy, meet this gigantic boulder" scene.

On that note, I think I'll call it an entry and an evening.

this is where the world drops off
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The world needs good teachers. I think it's great that you're excited about teaching. Are you considering teaching in Ann Arbor? Just wondering if one day you'll be teaching my son. [smile]

Oh and.. I try to perform the sleeping task too. Exercise and/or beer tends to help. But not always.


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I exercise all the time, actually. I think this week has been the most I've ever taken off form working out in the last four-five months (with the exception of going home for vacations)... And that's simply because whatever illness I've contracted has really wrecked havok on my breathing. Running without breathing is a lot harder than people give it credit for.

And I'm not sure whether or not I'd stay in Ann Arbor or not. I'll definitely be teaching her for a bit due to the fact that part of the teaching certificate requires a semester of "study" teaching in a local school. After that, though, I'd like to teach in a smaller town somewhere. Most likely in Michigan, still, but somewhere more akin to where I grew up.

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Good luck finding a teaching job in Michigan, it'll be a pain.

Oh yeah, and my cat is just as insane, only she doesn't like being around people.

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