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OK I got it so the Task Manager reports 63MB's and the GC reports 2MB's(<- what?). That's better than 170MB with the GC saying 120MB(ouch).

The problem was:

1) I was creating a new entry class for each one in the WAD directory, but only had one instance. Three thousand new statements later...

2) For TEXTURE1/2 I forgot to put in the file seek line, so the classes got nothing but garbage data. One "patch"(that's what I call them) had over 5000 descriptions. Yikes!

Thanks to everyone who commented in the previous entry. Also following Rob Loach's comment, is this a good method of disposing the textures?

namespace Doom

public class Texture

private Direct3D.Texture Direct3D_Texture = null;

public static implicit operator Direct3D.Texture( Texture ConversionTexture )
return ConversionTexture.Direct3D_Texture;

// constructor + variables(without HTML)

if( Direct3D_Texture != null )
if( Direct3D_Texture.Disposed == false )



I'm creating the textures like this:

SortedList.Add( Name, new Texture( Offset, File ) );

So I assume that their destructors will be called when the list is destroyed?
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