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Fucking. Hell.

So I was sticking in the GUI framework so I could actually get some event handling (you know, like window events so the window actually closes), and fucking hell.

First I attempt to just link in the library for the damn thing. WRONG!

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp___invalid_parameter_noinfo referenced in function "public: class pawn::gui::IComponent * const & __thiscall std::_Vector_const_iterator >::operator*(void)const

Okay, so wtf. The dereference operator isn't defined for a const vector of components. What the fuck? Why the fuck not?

After digging through and rebuilding, I finally gave up on that crap and just dumped a couple *.cpp's into the current project. So I compile it, and it compiles and I'm all cheery and what not. WRONG.

Windows has triggered a breakpoint in ogl.exe.

This may be due to a corruption of the heap, and indicates a bug in ogl.exe or any of the DLLs it has loaded.

The output window may have more diagnostic information

What. The. Fuck. I've never even seen this error before, so I take its advice and check the output window -

This may be due to a corruption of the heap, and indicates a bug in ogl.exe or any of the DLLs it has loaded.


Naturally, the next thing I check is the callstack, which places the error in the poll function. I do a little digging, and check the listener lists for the main GUI class when its created - and guess how many subscribers it has?


Forty-fucking-Two. And I'm not joking. I am burnt by the irony.

The listener list is basically a vector a pointers, and most of this densely populated suburbia is garbage data. In a vector. Hell, there's even a call to SDL_Quit() in there, which made me pull a huge


Anyway, might as well cut to the chase, and the reason I'm pissed off. I forgot to add in IWindow.cpp to the project, so it wasn't getting build. Which means the damn compiler was linking in classes that weren't defined. Which means who knows what was going on.

So, long story short. ARRGH. But at least its working to some degree now. ffh.

Now I need to figure out (on paper, thank goodness) how I'm going to define each component of a tank (since they're wonderfully broken up into separate sprites). Each component should have a center of rotation and supply the tank as a whole with added benefits (armor, weight, etc). Still mapping it out.

But yeah. *SMACK SMACK* compiler.
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Whooo! Screenshot- Hells yeah!

Also, if you want any of the random crap we have from our tank game (like the uncompleted design doc), you can PM me or Sir Sapo

Keep it up!

-Mark the Artist

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Thats pretty cool!

I'm interested to see how you handle the seperate components of the tank, because my system wasn't very good ( ChassisObject + TurretObject+GunObject = Tank[grin])

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I'm still working out the actual gameplay, which is still pretty far off. Right now I'm still working on the OGL Adapter (fixing stuff... grr) for all my rendering needs. Next comes a map editor with a tile editor, tank component (chasis, turrets, mounts etc) editor and a tank creation editor. All the editors will be embedded in the actual application, like old-school RTS games.

But yeah. I think I've got a pretty good feel about how I want the game to handle, but we'll see what happens when we get to that point.

Thanks again for the free art :)

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