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Space combat prototype - phase 5

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Progress is going well on the combat prototype. I hope the "gameplay" part will be completed by this week end. I'll then take one more week to add some candy ( 3D sounds, HUD, particle effects, skybox, etc.. ).

What's been done in the past days:
- added Shadix's interceptor
- added various turrets sizes ( light Mk1, Mk2, Mk3 and Mk4 ). The mesh is the one JoeB made ( Mk1, but scaled to fit the correct sizes ).
- attached turrets to all the ships. This includes the battleship: around 22 hardpoints.. going back and forth from 3ds Max to find the correct coordinates. Painful.
- JoeB sent an improved version of his battleship with more details, and a docking room with landing pads ( see screenshots or video ).
- added pitch/yaw angles to the turrets: they can now correctly rotate. It is possible to specify angles constraints ( min/max ) per turret.
- fixed collision bugs
- handling damage for breakable parts / fixed bugs with breakable parts
- started to assign physical parameters / hitpoints to the ships, and balance the values ( if you have your own ideas, there's a thread in the general forum of the website )

- Aarmstrong/Orion from the free Allegiance community have set up a server for the prototype. Since i didn't have any news from them in the past weeks, Adam proposed pretty much at the same time to host the prototype on his own dedicated server. That means that i now have 2 different servers (!) for the prototype. Well, better more than not enough, i guess.. and that'll still be useful to do performance tests on systems with very different specs. Thank you to all of you :)

Gameplay todo in the coming days:
- implement the concept of teams; assigning a battleship to a team
- handling the spawning of players
- handling the destruction of a ship + explosions
- battleship/mines turrets A.I.
- handling victory/defeat conditions for a team

Bugs ( you'll see them in the video ):
- sometimes lasers pass through surfaces. Easy to fix.
- the "spawn" position of a laser is the center of the turret, not the guns of the turret. Have to add the notion of gun on a turret :)

Video (20 MB Divx5):
Click me

( Note how in the middle screenshot the lancet looks small compared to this Mk4 turret :) )

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As always, the steady progress amazes. I make less progress with my crappy little games :(

But good work. I can't wait.

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The video looks excellent.

Just wondering why you aren't using attachment points in your models so you know exactly where turrets should be placed and where laser fire should originate from. The artists can then tweak them as much as they need and it'll save you going back and forward all the time.


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Yes, that's what i'm going to ask them to do from now on. Doing it manually for 2 or 3 hardpoints is no problem, but the battleship had 22.. especially if the design of the ship changes, i don't see myself recalculating the 22 positions/orientations for each update..

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