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I absolutely hate variable width fonts now. I started last night. First I had everything working right (or so I thought), but my frame rate would jump from 75-77-78-7 (not in that specific order, but I saw those numbers the most.) I was like wtf, 7!? So, I started profiling the code... profiling... and profiling... None of my operations in my printing function was taking more than 1ms. So, I went and started profiling my input code (since I have event based input setup, I thought maybe it was slow.) Nope, not there. So, I decide to profile the entire loop, and its only taking 13-14ms for everything. Then, I get the brilliant idea to check my text and low and behold, it was 76, not 7.

I then went on to print the entire character set in one operation (so that I could compare it to the bitmap) and I noticed that some characters weren't drawing. Fixed that easily. Then I noticed that some of the characters were being drawn twice (6 was replaced by 7). I also noticed that it was only the first character of each row after the first. So I figure my calculations were and I was right.

So, I get home today (after work) and decide, I'm going to rewrite it using a descriptor class and store the texture x/y in that at load time (I was doing the calculations at run time.) So, I started hacking away, and I was getting somewhere. But, I still had a problem - for some reason it was printing 2 spaces in in the beginning. So, I started stepping through my code over and over. Then I checked my text and boom, I had accidentally typed 2 spaces into the string to print.

Next problem was all of my lines were fine except for one, my ] character was lost somehow and my ^ character was being printed on two lines. So, I go searching through the code and found the bug (I was setting the texture x/y in the wrong order in my algorithm.)

Moving on, I come to another problem - everything except for 1 character is printing right( the 1 character was throwing off that line, but the characters on the line were rendering perfect, only 2 units pixels off.) So, again, I made the mistake of stepping through the code for about an hour when I realized that it was printing an ' instead of `, so I check my string again and I had put in an apostrophe instead of the back-quote.

The moral of the story - always check your input before stepping through the code and switching stuff around in your algorithm.

On a different note, I didn't get anything done yesterday (except for the catastrophe above), since I was very busy. My mom asked me to build her some shelves for her plants (so they can get sunlight), so I did that. Then my dad gets home and I get to change the breaks on the car, YAY!!! While doing that, the car decided to roll off of the jack and partially onto my leg (I'm not injured; I was leaning in and turning the steering wheel so that I could reach the screws to take the brakes off and the door came down on the back of my leg; it was sore, but no damage.) That took about 2 hours because I had to search for the jack (ended up using the wrong one), then for the lug-wrench, then for the right sized alan wrench, and then I had fun trying to compress the brakes so that I could put the new ones on (lets just say I'm not the strongest person in the world, but I did get it done by myself.)

The moral of that story - always use the right jack that came with the car or a bigger one, and always, ALWAYS put something behind the tire of the car so it can't roll.

And finally, my update. I removed vertex buffer, because it was kind of pointless and didn't work with my current design (since it was templated.) I have to redo part of the texture system because I didn't implement it right. I started doing a pack system, and didn't finish with that.

The pack system is pretty simple, and Raymond said that I could combine it with his dot notation addressing (thanks Raymond!):

// Pseudocode
class Texture;
class TexturePack; // has a map of texture smart ptrs, a parent pointer, and a name

pTextureManager->GetTexture("System.GUI.Skin", "GuiSkin.bmp");
pTextureManager->GetTexture("System.GUI.Cursor", "GuiCursor.bmp");
pTextureManager->GetTexture("System.CurrentMap.Player", "Player.bmp");

// The user wants to change to a different skin, so purge the GUI
// textures.

// The user wants to change to a different character, so purge
// the CurrentMap.Player texture.

// The user is quitting, purge all textures.

All the manager classes will use this, as it will ease my life majorly. I moved the terrain quad to the game side, because that I feel it will be more game specific (the regular Vertex class can be used for a lot of things, but the TerrainVertex class can only be used for terrains (well, actually it can be used for anything that is transformed, colored, and requiring 2 texture coordinate sets.) The rest of the engine code will be finished tonight, even if I have to stay up all night to do it (seriously, its only 3 classes and most of FontManager and SoundManager will be copied from TextureManager.)

Sorry for the huge update!
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