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The last episode of FMA was omg awesome. Hawkeye is H0T.

Anyway, working on the text-drawing functions, and I've hit a block - OGL requires textures to have dimensions of a power of two... back to the drawing board? I sure think so :(

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Every image in there should be at either 128 by 128 or 64 by 64, because we had the same requirements,

Anyway, back to the important stuff-
Hawkeye- Yes.

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Yeah, I saw that. The problem was with loading text textures from a TrueType font file - the prototype SDL adapter was using a slow hackish way to do it that would cause a memory leak with my blit-batching system in the OpenGL implementation.

Basically, it just means that I have to stitch together a font texture at load-time.

And I think that's the last part of the adapter I'm going to implement before writing the editor code - I still need to implement vertex arrays/vertex buffer objects, but there's an issue with the blit-batching system (again), where because its rendered last, its rendered on top of everything else. Therefore, to properly render dynamic content within a GUI-system, you have to use batched blit calls.

The workaround to this is to render the dynamic content to an image, then render that with a batched blit. Too bad I haven't written the render-to-texture functions :P

And so on. Which is the primary reason I'm not going to think about gameplay for awhile - I need the graphical components to be in working order first :D

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