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Man, I hate working on the async scripting systems of my engines, they are just no fun =)

however I've now managed to implement a system that is even more robust than MW's system.

in MW certain functions had a boolean param as their last param which signified weither or not the script should wait for them to complete. However it doesnt give you a ton of flexibility.

So instead I now have the choice of where to wait for an action to complete.

like so =)


here we se an example of moving two characters, and waiting for them both to arrive, this was not possible in the MW scripting system, because if i called move with the intention to wait, it would not call the next move until the first move was done.

all in all it makes for a nice system =)

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Speaking of Morning's Wrath, I just played the demo last night... If that was awesome, and if this looks even better...

I'll be saving up for full versions of both. :P

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