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Muhammad Haggag


I hate PHP. Manual installation isn't working. The windows installer isn't working. Now I have to keep mucking with this **** until I find out why it doesn't do the God-damned job it's supposed to do, and I've wasted all my day already.

And MySQL too. Damn it. The retarded thing doesn't work out of the God-damned virtual box on a God-damned 64-bit Windows. It fails near damn silently. You have to muck around. Always.

And the God-damned MySQL Query browser is one retarded piece of uninspired goo. The son of a gun allows you to open SQL query files, typically containing HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS of SQL statements, but allows you to execute them only ONE BY ONE. By moving your God-damned cursor over the God-damned statement line till it gets white and pressing the God-damned Execute button. And then it displays some God-damned useless one-line message in the freaking status bar so that it's near damn unreadable. And it doesn't display no God-damned progress dialogs or bars or any damn thing throughout the LONG FREAKING TIMES it takes to do any God-damned thing. I hate it.

And then you have freaking Samsung monitors that are junk and keep flickering like crazy even though they're supposed to be running at 85 damn HZ. I hate Samsung.

So yeah, DAMN.
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Hey, you could use XAMPP. It installs Apache, PHP and MySQL all in one package, I use it myself and it suits me fine.

Hope that helps! [smile]

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Get a Linux box! PHP + MySQL combo are fantastic on it. You could also get a third party solution to the matter, like XAMPP.

[EDIT] Damn, beat to the XAMPP plug.

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Thanks for the suggestions regardng XAMPP. I'd have hoped to get this running with IIS6 instead, but I'm not willing to waste time anymore. I'm downloading this as we speak.

Take a deep breath and calm down


Thanks for the advice. In a way, the post was my own method to calm down. I really needed to vent a bit.


You're pain is my entertainment.


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