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Edit: Also, as you may have noticed, I'm not going to be removing anything from the actual list, just crossing it off and changing its color to grey. This is so I can see what I thought I was going to need and what I ended up using. Also, I've been asked why I don't color which one I'm working on, and thats because I switch pretty often as not to get bored/attached to a single item.

Ok, I have to modify my list again since its going to be a different genre of game (I pretty much just have to remove TextBox, Array, and ListView.)

I did up some of the specs while working today:

Map limit - 4096x4096
Background chunks - 512x512
1 tile per background chunk (also 512x512)
Scrollable background
Animated background
Tile size - 32x32
Animated tiles (including fringes)

Does anybody think that a 4096x4096 map is too big or too small?

I'm thinking of changing the background system to support 2 layers. If I had 2 layers, I could set up a perspective system, allow for different cloud effects, as well as a few other techniques. Although, the perspective system would pretty much require a different tile in each node. I don't know, but it will all be set in stone come monday, so I've got some thinking to do.

The game will support 2 display modes - 800x600 and 1024x768 as well as fullscreen or windowed. As of right now, no shaders will be used (I might decide to anyway though. Maybe the effects framework, but I don't know how to use that yet.)

I have 1 thing that is going to be on the wishlist - vehicles. I really want to implement these, but they are going to be the very last thing I look at.

Since the game is going to be a simulated online game, when you get to the bosses, they're going to be just finishing fighting a large enemy. The scenario is you know the position of these hookers at all times, and you're trying to find them. So, you can choose which one to go after. Once you beat him/her, you ban them and delete their character.

My list of weapons -
Plasma pistol (unlimited ammo, clip based; upgradeable)
Plasma grenade (can hold up to 100; area damage; upgradeable)
Plasma blade (unlimited ammo, energy based; upgradeable)
Plasma rifle (30 bullets per clip; less accurate; upgradeable)
Plasma cannon (1 bullet per clip; area damage; upgradeable)

Planned attachments -
Explosive ammo (pistol and rifle; lowers fire rate and clip size)
Seeking bullets (pistol, rifle, cannon; lowers clip size; goes toward closest monster)
Extended clip (pistol, rifle, cannon; raises clip size)
Multi-missle (cannon; splits cannon bullet; locks clips size to 1)
Charge (any; charge the weapon for a more powerful attack)
Charge reserve (any; store a charged blast and fire it later)
Sight (rifle; improves accuracy; decreases fire rate)
Spring Adjustment (rifle; increases fire rate)
Blade Enhancers (blade; modify length or damage)
Blade Homing (blade; allows you to throw the blade and it comes back)

List of tools -
Hover boots (special item; gained after beating the game)
Plasma shield (you can't be hurt for a short while; eats energy)
Grappling hook (cling to anything; reach otherwise unreachable places)

This is the same list as I posted last night, but I switched 2 things and removed 3 tools. The rifle is now less accurate (instead of more accurate), and the sight is for the rifle (instead of the pistol.) I removed the skeleton key card, the cracking unit, and the uplink cable (all the tools for the puzzles.) I had planned on including some sort of puzzle system, but I'm still thinking about it.

Oh, and you can (and should) expect a variety of 'hooker' joke throughout the game :D.

Oh, in case you missed it. I was wondering you guys thought about my map technique in this picture:MapScreen.png
And here is a demo of the font engine - dftEngine_FontTest3.wmv

Edit: Ok, I'm kind of disappointed, I was looking forward to working on the GUI and the only 2 things I have are going to be simple to implement (text is practically done and buttons are so easy now that I've done them eleventy millions dollars.

Edit2: I was asked what my fascination with the phrase 'eleventy million dollars' was. If you watched The Oblongs, then you would know. Its from the episode with the lesbian girl scouts thing. This is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen (right below Family Guy, South Park, Trigun, and Drawn Together in no specifc order).
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