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Lines, lines everywhere!!!

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Today's job was to make it so that the classes where aware of the ones their associated with, basically linedefs->sidedefs->sectors. If I had more time I would have started on the floor rendering code, but I pissed half the day away playing DOOM 2. "Research" [grin]

After connecting everything, I redrew the map using each sectors floor height for the colour for each line in it( two-sided lines are drawn twice ). Plus just for the hell of it I added some green vertices for each "thing".

The result:

If the line colours seem off it's because I had to make the colour between 0 and 255 and of course the floor heights didn't exactly like this.

Note the red line which actually isn't part of any sector. This is the first line on every map I loaded and is also where the user starts. Not sure what I'm supposed to do with this since it's visible in the game, but my code acts like it doesn't exist.

Hopefully some floor/ceiling drawing soon.
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Hey, isn't that map reversed? I'm fairly sure you took a right turn in the corridor off the start, and as you entered the big room just before the exit the center of the room was to your left.

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It's looking sexy.

Also, I think he's already discussed that the map loads wrong.

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Also, I think he's already discussed that the map loads wrong.

They don't "load wrong". The data is correct, but I believe DOOM and DX are using different coordinate systems so it appears reversed.

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