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So Level 5. I've been coming up with some general ideas yesterday and today, and now have a good plan for what it will be like.

Basically it will be inside an alien flying fortress(that's an interesting sentence right there). You'll be fighting the basic "martian" type aliens(grey, huminoid, big eyes). Graphically, it will have a very technological look, as the level will all appear to be one big mass of computer parts.

I try to generally make each level be unique in some way, and this will be no exception. I've been wanting to do a level with traps set up for Stompy. These include things like laser beams that when crossed, trigger bombs. It will give me a chance to finally do something with the event code that I wrote.

I need to start drawing up the graphics for it. I'm hoping this level turns out as great as I'm imagining it in my head, because if it does, it will probably be the best in the whole game.

After level 5 are the last two levels, which honestly won't take too long. It's not that they will be lame or anything, but they will have a much bigger focus on shooting stuff, which takes less time to make.
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