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Whoo whoo!

This is part of the in-game content creation toolset - basically its an easy graphical interface which allows the user to visually cut texture coordinates out of a tileset. This will be integrated into the map editor to design maps with the in-game editor.

I'm still debating some stuff about tile attributes and collision detection - things I'm going to start having to worry about when working out an exportable map format and such.

Rah! Suggestions?
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Wow! No seriously, wow! I don't have any time to write a good post right now, but I'll be back!

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Oh, Sir Sapo - I PMed Mark about any design considerations you guys had regarding maps and collision detection. He redirected me to you on the technical aspects of it.

Did you have any specific ideas regarding that area? I'm leaning towards implementing collision lines at this point (as opposed to the easy way out of marking tiles as "impassible").

At the same time, I think each tile will have a friction co-efficient for the various vehicle types which will be used to calculate acceleration/turning. I think I can get away with a per-tile basis for this part because it isn't nearly as noticible as collision detection.

But yeah - how did you plan to do it?

Oh, and I'm really glad you like it so far [smile]. It is technically your project, after all :D

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I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again.... Although it's all fun and good to make your own map editor, there's one problem with it: you're making your own map editor. What you want to do is make a game. What you really should do is focus on the game rather then the map editor. Use a simple mapping system (like a bitmap image where each pixel describes the qualities of a map), or implement the use of Mappy or Tile Studio.

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While I agree with you that it is, normally, important to use as many 3D-party utilities as possible to maximize production speed, I'm not doing this for the sole purpose of making a game. I'm doing it as a stress-test of my GUI system (which is, as of right now failing miserably - sub-windows are borked [headshake], but almost unborked). I spent awhile writing the sucker, so I might as well use it. I think I'll end up rewriting the whole thing after this project, now that I know where exactly its prone to screw up. Yay for hopeing for a whole new batch of bugs!

Secondly - I want the finished product to have an integrated in-game editor so that content can be dynamically added by the player, kind of like the old-school RTS games (AoE, Civ, etc). Quickly browsing through both Mappy and TileStudio suggests that neither support this usage, and are intended to be used as an external utility.

Thirdly - I have no intentions to have animated tiles, which makes life that much easier. I figure I'll be done with most parts of the map editor, so its not like all that much time was wasted.

Forthly - the dynamic nature of the tank-creation system planned requires there to be an in-game editor of some sort to create your tanks, including custom content. I figured I'd throw in the whole package.

And dammit, I forgot number five [sad].

But yeah, if I were making a game to make a game, I'd probably be using an engine. Which I'm not - everything is from scratch, excepting the SDL/OGL libraries (I'm not that hardcore).

Its not about the games, Rob - its about learning how to make the games [grin]

And it is me, after all. And I'm ronking out to a bunch of music I stole off Toxic Hippo. Hur hur hur. BandwidthRape++.

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