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Graaahhh! It seems like I end every nightly coding session with a frustration... the windows are no longer related, however, thanks to the magic that is boost::bind the Tilesheet Editor can open/close the Tile Editor. Which is good.

The bad part is that (for some reason) the dragging code which I fixed months ago is bork. Like, if you wave the mouse around really fast you'll "drop" the window, and it'll still be in the drag state or something. I have a feeling this was from me mucking around in the window code earlier (trying to fix subwindowing) before I decided to ditch it and just hack it with boost::bind.

Needless to say, it'll be fixed in the morning.

Editor design-wise; the tilesheet editor is a "child" (lol not anymore with the hacked apart window class :D) of the map editor. Basically the structure looks like this -
+- Map
+-+- Tilesheets (essentially a texture)
| |
| +---- Tiles (essentially texture coordinates)
+--- Collision Lines
+--- Shadow Maps (a possibility)
+-+- Objects
+---- Attributes, etc.

GUI-layout wise; the tilesheet editor is going to have some kind of display between the bottom of the window and the bottom of the tilesheet picture showing either thumbnails or a textual list of all the created tiles, as well as buttons to delete/edit them.

Creation of a tile is done by clicking the "New Tile" button which pops up the Tile Editor, which should be renamed "Texture Coordinate Finder". Then you click the non-existant "OK" button which sends a WM_DESTROY notice out when it dies, and the Tilesheet editor grabs the texture coordinates from it and makes a new tile.

Now I just have to remember... is the WM_DESTROY message sent before or after deallocation? Does the window even get freed? I don't think it does, actually. Hrm...

Yeah, after this I'm definitely scrapping the GUI code >:|

Night everyone! :D
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Hey, nice work on the GUI, mine always end up looking like crap.

BTW, I sent you a PM detailing how we planned to do some stuff.

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