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Journals et. al.

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Hello to journal land!

I really havn't got a clue what I should put here as my first post. However, ravuya has instructed me to list some projects with thumbnails. Thor told me to put in a bunch of animated gifs.

So here goes.

My Big Project(tm) at the moment is Mango Game Engine (MGE). I feel I need to point out that I've been using the name Mango since early 2003 now, and it is infact nVidia who are stealing my name :(.

[edit]Programmer One just reminded me it was him who came up with the name, and I bought it off him for an exorbitant fee of several TA dollars.[/edit]

MGE isn't my first engine attempt, but it is the first where I'm trying to get it finished :). I plan to use this as my major portfolio piece for when I finish uni next year. I started this around March last year , but I havn't worked on it much since I finished my 4e4 entry.

So without further ado, lets post some pretty images (apologies for the Fake Thumbnails -_-):

Okay, that should be enough. These screenies arn't exactly new. They're from about September last year IIRC, but I havn't done any visual improvements since then.

Since then I've been doing alot of work under the hood, with one biggie being network support (trying to emulate Unreal style replication in C++ :D).

Unfortunately, MGE isn't my top priority project at the moment. I have uni, work, and some other game projects that are taking precedence right now :(. I hope to change this fairly soon (ie. getting the other stuff done!).

Anyway, I should go now.
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Welcome to journal-land! You got some nice screenies there too. Your journal is hereby on my must-read list [smile].

Keep up the great work!

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huh, thanks. Time will tell if I actually manage to keep it alive :-).

Woah, I just noticed all the funky post icons you get as gdnet+. hmmn....green slug time.

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