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Sacked from the coolness

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Well, I was just poking around on the unit website for the maths subject I am doing this semester (AMTH247 - Scientific Computing), because I was wondering why we still havn't got even the first assignment marks back.

I went into the forum and found a nice pleasant message:


It was just brought to my attention today that three members of the Mathematics department staff were made redundant, including the lecturer of this unit.
As a result, units will be cut from the mathematics department such as the Applied Mathematics units, including AMTH 247 and 246.

Uh, okay! That left me scratching my head. And this is after I just spent two days trying to get the latest assignment done >_<.

So I read a bit further down and there's a message from the lecturer:


It is very likely I will be leaving UNE within the next few weeks.
One of the other staff members will take over AMTH247 and we will
do our best to insure a smooth transition.

This is rather sad :(. I liked this lecturer, and he just managed to pull the short straw or something when the maths department got their fundings cut :/.

Oh well, at least they're not pulling it out mid semester :P.
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Don't you just love Uni with all its twists and turns? BTW - welcome to journal-land Tomothy ;)

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