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Nearly Sober...

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OK, I am nearly sober after the "Brisbane Game Developers Conference" which consisted of Andrew Russell, Evolutional, Boolean and myself getting together for a few beers and general discussion.

By the time I had to leave things were fairly interesting and the discussion had ranged between GameDev back-end code, Stick Soldiers 3, GameDev teams, Uni, Workplace, Servers, Goatse, and the old Lounge.

Having left at around 6:30pm to catch my bus out of Brisbane back to Toowoomba (after drinking since 12:30pm) I am only just starting to sober up. The challenge is simple; should Oli be at the same drinking table as me in the future I shall endeavour to drink him under the table ;)

I am nearly sober, and shall go to bed now :P

Nearly forgot to mention that a couple of pics are available from http://dwarfsoft.com/GameDev/BGDC/
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I lapped boolean in the pints. :)

T'was a fun night, we'll do it again next time I'm in Brisbane =)

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Rav: You were mentioned on an aside, but not really the topic of conversation ;)

Goatse was a surprisingly long-lasting topic though, and made a few appearances through the night.

The next time I am in Yorkshire I'll make sure to take you on for a few pints.

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