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'Rab Juce' (alpha 4)

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In spare time I'm working on a very simple game, but (hopefully) entertaining game. 'Rab Juce'. The idea will be like the old handheld game 'Mario's cement factory', but artwork and game play will be different. I enjoyed this game alot, while driving to Italy with my parents, when I was young.

The game will not need DirectX or OpenGl, and will be ported to Windows(tm) and Linux.

I think i'll make the game freeware, but a registered copy will cost only $5. (This will give some extra features).

A (alpha) PDF manual can be d-loaded here:

PDF manual (alpha)

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If it's good, I think you may have a market for OS X as long as it's portable. It's becoming more popular than Linux for independent game development -- I believe Prof. Fizzwizzle actually made more money on OS X than Windows.

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