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D'oh. My internet connection is being evil and dropped the entry.

Anyway, today is officially homework day, which means I'm probably not going to be able to open up the IDE. Though it's still open from last night. I'm just going to do my best to ignore that its there, and that I have more fun things to be working on :(

Speaking of things to work on, here's the task list for today -

[ ] Chemistry Problem Set
  • Physics Problem Set
  • Physics Pre-Lab Writeup
    [X] Physics Post-Lab Writeup
  • Physics - Study for Monday's Test
    [ ] Write a Social Constructivist Paper for Tuesday.

    So yeah. Grr. Work >:(


    * So shit - I forgot to bring my physics book home with me for the weekend. Which basically kills any ability of mine to study for it/read the lab instructions for the next lab. Soo..... snap.

    Looks like all I've got left is that nutty paper. GRR! >:(
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