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Progress Report

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Not a bad start this afternoon.

- Added events, data and properties for Tile class.
- Added basic events, data and properties for Path class.
- Modified Unit events to be called after data setting, not before.
- Added Empire->Player mapping for serverside.
- Added FogOfWar class, data and a few manipulators.
- Added server side Initialization class to seed all of the static events used for propogating changes via network to players.
- Did minimal testing of a test unit, fog of war, and propogating the unit creation event to players.

Now to extrapolate that event communication to the various events, add clientside fields to 'catch' the events and activate the client side triggers, and draw up the map rendering widget.

[edit: ~8pm CST, after Mushu's post]
Did a little more work, and tracked down a bug in the FogOfWar code, or rather my use of it.

- Added 'catch' parsing for unit events.
- Added rest of [current] unit events.
- Added Unit.LifeState, Unit.Mission, Unit.SkillType, and Unit.SkillLevel as types parsable by my interpreter.
- Added code for a UID lookup table, and Agents to properly distinguish and filter results. [not super-leet iterator filtering, but simple templated 'Object as Type' stuff]
- Fixed TestCode to explicitly send new unit message, since the code for 'seeing' into the FogOfWar isn't done.

Screenshots? Eh, you want to see "Unit created." printed out to a debugging console? [razz]

I'll be sure to post horrific screenies of the map being displayed should I meet my goal this week, which is looking suprisingly likely.
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I, as a formal representative of the GDNET Journal Community, demand screenshots. [wink]

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