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Ooh, Mushu's BSOD is far better than yours, Stompy.

I know this sounds silly, but do you think some players might see that and think your game really has caused a problem and will/should be shut down?

I wonder if part of the level will require you to crash the alien computer to fully penetrate their defense array...

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Haha, you said penetrate

Anyways, Stompy my man, just got around to beating the demo FINIALLY! Found a little bug you might want to look into:

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Mushu: I think that's the first time I've ever WANTED to have a BSOD starting me right in the face. [lol]

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I hope that no one would think that a problem had actually occured after seeing that, but I might change "Windows" to something like "AlienOS" just to drive the point home.

ShoeStringGames, about that bug, it's just crappy collision detection. The collision rect for Stompy seems to be larger than one tile, which has caused numerous similar bugs.

I'm planning to have 6 or 7 levels, as after this will be the "Final Fortress". Those levels shouldn't take that long to make, as they are primarily about shooting.

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