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I'm supposed to be studying, but I:
  • Finished Deus Ex for like the 30th time and cracked open the mod tools.
  • Finished Jade Empire for the first time. I'm sad to see it's over. That game filled me with a kind of joy I feel rarely with videogames.
  • Started working on the actor mass-loader for Glow: step one in The Quest To Get Zombies(TM), and ended up writing a nice parser and a test suite for it (thanks to CxxTest)
  • Fiddled around with my commercial project for awhile (I can tell you nothing, sorry)
  • Worked on some art for a new RPG game. It's not by me so don't get the horn up.
  • Thought some more about how to do RavCA and make it generate procedural content by hooking in with Propane Injector.
  • Rolled the inline-colour modification into the main Propane Injector tree.

Not a very important day. [crying]
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