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I got some good designing done today, LOL! I have down most of what I want it to be able to do, so I'm going to move on to designing the scripting language. Here are a couple of user story snippets:


User A is working on his or her lab write-up and needs to fit some data to a curve. User A wants a data analysis tool that will read in a data set of x and y values and create a best fit quadratic curve. User A doesn't want to spend the time to write and debug least squares algorithm, but wants fast and accurate results with a minimum of time spent on actually coding the program. The Galatea scripting language should make it possible to define this in only a couple of lines of code, and the data processing end should work out how to solve the problem.

User B wants to create a program that will solve `Sudoku' puzzles. B wants to be able to give his program an unsolved Sudoku grid and have the program compute the solution grid. Unfortunately, B doesn't know of any algorithms to solve Sudoku puzzles, but if B can define the problem properly with the scripting system, Galatea should be able to take care of creating a suitable one for B. User B will write down the rules of the game in the scripting language and define the format of the input and output.

User C wants to create a dynamic text-based adventure game. This is the most ambitious project and will probably require quite a bit of coding work from C. User C wants the game world to change every time the player starts a new game, so C will give instructions in the scripting language that will allow Galatea to generate `actions' and descriptions for the entire game world. User C doesn't know much about sentence parsing techniques, but still wants the game to have a `natural' feel, so C will write some basic processing rules in script and Galatea will figure out how to parse and execute text commands from the player.


I need to go read through some more scripting articles before I start figuring out how I want the syntax to work LOL.
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Shit, that's ambitious.

You know, if you actually pull this off you could make it your undergrad thesis, but we'll have to wait and see what happens. As SHilbert would say at a time like this, you're going to want to read the first 6 (?) chapters of the Dragon Book.

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Yeah. I'm really unsure if I'm going to be able to do this at all, but I'll give it a try. It certainly is a very long term project...probably a couple years at least. That book is expensive LOL!

P.S. my room smells like cat pee.

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I believe he wrote ShilScript with the aid of the first four chapters.

It may be of some interest to know that my school's CS Club has a copy of that book. Then again, this might not be of interest.

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