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Freeing teh MEGABYTES!!!11

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Unfortunatly due to our little college strike I basically have a test or two every day for the next two weeks, so I wasn't able to spend too much time on DOOM.Net today.

I did manage to add a little bit more functionallity to the texture loader though. Now instead of loading every single texture in the WAD, it only loads those used by the current level. Right now it only works for floor and ceiling textures(flats). This has brought the memory reported by the task manager down to 20MB's.

That's all the floors and ceilings from D2, level 1. Yeah the same level I use every time because we've all played it about 30 billion times. I'm sure it'll bring back some memories.
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Awesome. Sorry to hear about the strike/lack of computer access. Progress is looking great. :)

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Looking awesome [grin]

With your post down below with floors; my technique only used linedef information, no segs or ssectors. I could never work them out. The method sucks, though, as you end up with cracks between sectors (rounding errors and so on), not to mention that overlapping/intersecting sectors result in holes. ssectors/segs are the way to go... I'll be very interested if you work it out!

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