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Stephen R


I spent most of today working on Raw. Alot of the code is in place to alow a user to manage his own planet. I only implemented it for one or two resource types, but it is very simple to extend it to the rest. I am really quite surprised by how little time it takes to implement a feature in this game. At this rate I should have a playable alpha by Sunday.

The one thing I'm worried about is my server program. It doesn't really have any functionallity apart from starting and stopping the game server thread. It doesn't feel that user freindly to have to start the server app, and THEN open up the game app. I suppose that's probably because I'm debugging the bloody thing and have to keep opening up one app, then the other. The player will only have to do it once. I don't know... I'll see what sort of response it gets when I playtest it.

I probably won't post the game till its fully done, because the game is really all in the tweaking. I think the GDS is probably the most important reason I subscribed to GDNet+ though. It is going to make getting a game out There(tm) much easier.

One thing I've found over the last while is that STL is great. Before I used to write my own dynamic array templates, and linked list templates. I sort of resisted using STL for some reason. But I've used it extensively in this project. It makes things sooo much faster and easier.

Only 13 hours till Doom 3 is released over here. I've been listening to everybody else rave about the game, now its my turn. I probably won't get much work done tomorrow. Actually that sort of makes the Sunday Alpha unlikely... Make it tuesday.

Well, back to coding.
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