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Woohoo! Progreeeeess!

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Happy Easter GD.NET!

Whew, the past few days have been an absolute coding rush. I'll blab a little about what I've done, with some nice screenies.

I'd like to offer a huge thanks to Alex, CJ, and Dean (alphabetically) for their huge testing contributions in this last progress spurt. You guys are kick-arse. :)


That's right: grenades. I had fun implementing these, and they were a real hoot to test. Here's what happened when all of us went in the same room and spammed grenades (before I implemented reload :P):

(Somewhat an older shot; particles are now optimized in explosions!)

And I've finally prepared a video of me nading myself, for your viewing pleasure. :)

Grenade video (~3.8mb)

Grenades were particularly fun to implement because of the physics involved. When throwing a grenade, you can hold down the button to 'charge' your shot, making it go farther based on how long you hold it down for. Your movement velocity is also added to the throw, so you can make some pretty classy shots around corners, or long-range throws while running forward.

To add a bit more interest to the whole nading business, if you manage to throw a grenade in such a manner that it land directly on the enemy player's head (~6 pixel lee-way) it will instantly explode. Although this is very hard to do unless you've got "teh skillz", it counts as a direct hit and does about ~90 damage. Not too shabby. :)

Trees are a little tricky. If you throw the nade high enough it'll go over trees, but if it's as a medium-elevation it will get stuck in the branches and explode. If it's low enough to the ground it will bounce off it rather harmlessly.

Right now only HE Grenades are implemented, but more types will follow, such as Nail Bombs, Gas Grenades, and EMP Grenades.

Oh, and the Overkill effects on grenades let corpses go really far. :D



Of course the next logical thing to do is melee weapons. :D

So far I've implemented Hand To Hand (does reasonable damage, and knocks target back) and the Combat Knife (lots of blood!). Hand To Hand will be a rather inexpensive 'item' that will be more of a last-resort weapon than anything else.

The Combat Knife is a tool that's wonderful for getting yourself out of close-combat situations or finishing off an enemy in style. A favourite strategy of mine is tricking an enemy into rushing me while I use a weak weapon (like a pistol or smg), then rush into them and jab a knife into them. It leaves a very cool blood squirt when you stab them that is satisfying on many levels. I've got a screenshot as well as a nice little video of us ambushing someone. :)

(Assassin style!)

And the video:

Melee video (~1.5mb)

There will of course be more melee weapons to come, like swords, energy blades, and the elusive VoltFist. >:)

(Also added Private Messaging and key customization for Tools)

Quasi-Boast/Rant: It's great. Me and my testers find it an absolute joy to play. We've created several 'minigames' while we test that prove to be great fun too:

Grenade Tactics: Everyone chooses a spot inside a building and then everyone gets a turn in the order they appear on the playerlist. On your turn you can either move 4 tiles, throw a grenade, or use a medkit. It's like a little turn-based strategy game that can be a lot of fun when there's enough good hiding places. :)

Melee Free-For-All: As the name implies, we usually use a big parking lot or open area and have a free-for-all knife battle. It's hilarious when we wordlessly team up on those with more health and charge around with our knives drawn. :D

All in all, progress is going wonderfully. I'm so glad that I stayed with the project and didn't do something silly like give up or try a rewrite. I positively cannot wait until we finish this release and do a nice big public test. :)

Next up, landmines!
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Holy crap! I have got to get back into the testing ring - that looks bloody awesome! [wow]

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Shit, it's looking really good. Have you increased the movement speed to compensate for the melee weapons and explosives?

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Those screens are looking awesome. Nice job!
Happy Easter GD.NET!
Thanks but I'm not a pagan.

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Everything looks incredible. Definitly something I'd love to play.

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@Mushu: Get on MSN a little more often and you're more than welcome. [smile]

@Ravuya: I haven't changed the player speeds, no. I'm finding that if I boost up player speed too much the melee weapons 'miss' more often due to latency. I think we're in a good spot right now.

@Everyone: Thanks very much for the comments; we all worked our buns off making it happen. [grin] We're going to be hosting a public test hopefully in the next week or so. I just want to get landmines in, and write a revamped map editor. Then once a nice fresh map is done, we'll be hording in players to have some fun with!

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You guys certainly need to try it it out. It's tons of fun. Half the time we're all laughing in real life while playing it. :P

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You guys certainly need to try it out. It's tons of fun. Half the time we're all laughing in real life while playing it. :P

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Game looks quite slick. Think about writing a couple articles about the development, will you?

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