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Well, my first job is to make the sheet editor. So, I'm learning C# and I must say its easy as pie (or maybe caek would be more appropriate [wink].) Anyway, here is a screenshot of my learning experience (around an hour and a half):

Just some proof that Raymond is as twisted (if not more) than I am :D.

I'm trying to figure out how to do this, but I don't even know where to start with Windows Forms. I pretty much just need to make a more advanced map editor, but I don't know what kind of control to use, etc. Raymond suggested a listview, I'll look into that.

I've been thinking about how I want to do my GUI, and I think its going to be similar to windows (in that the widget has an OnCreate, OnDestroy, etc instead of what I usually do (which is just react to input messages.)) I think this will allow me to make a better more extendable system. I'll post more about this when I have some free time though, for now its on to more C#.
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Geez, I spent 45 minutes looking for info on drawing graphics in GDI+, 20 minutes reading through crap (on drawing shapes) and 5 minutes coding and about 10 minutes making this screen shot (I was playing around with the app lol):

Well, I guess I know why there aren't that many tutorials since its so damn easy. I'm really glad Raymond said no when I told him I could do it using Win32. Ugh that GDI crap is horrible.

Anyway, I'm positive that once I figure out how Raymond wants to set this up, it'll be done in no time.

Well, I'm now a fan of C#. [bender impersonation]I hate [C#]! *zap* I love [C#]![/bi] (Futurama, Obsoletely Fabulous, About Robot 1-X.)

Edit: Thanks Rob, I'll check that out (since I will be needing one once Project2 is done), although this was just to learn C#'s string object.

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