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Shaders shaders shaders...

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a long time ago in a far far...

It has been a while since the last update.

We decided to bring shaders to a good state so the bots had to wait again.
They work like this for ps 3.0:
Bump, specular effect and lightmap are put together in 3
different basic type of shader. These are bump only, spec only, bump + spec and lmap only. They are compiled with different cases depending if lmap is available or not etc.
6 lights are used in ps 3.0 and dynamic object and first person view weapon are lit in a good way now.

Problem is with ps 2.0 [bawling] . This command limitation is really hard to handle. So i only have 1 or 2 lights in these ps 2.0. This brings lighting in first person view to "pop" to the next available if it comes in range - same for other dynamic objects.
Next problem for ps2.0 is this one:
- Levels are splitted in rooms connected with portals
- for each room all lights inside a room are searched and given to shaders
- problem is for ps2.0 if more than 2 lights are in this room(very often the case) only some parts of the room are right lit with shaders. This looks strange in some parts if.
Here you can see the problem. The light in front right position is used for shaders and the light in distance can not be used [help]

Does someone has any ideas/suggestions on how to solve this [looksaround] ?
I did some research on deferred shading which looks really good but it seems that memory consumption is still too high for todays standard machines, especially if AA should be activated.
Is there any game out now which uses this technique for rendering?

Here is a first peek to a new level currently done [smile]

Another thing which took some days to install was my new PC i got.[wink]
It has a Geforce 7900GTX which really rocks! [cool] This was hardest thing to get last weeks.

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Why can't you just use multi-pass rendering with SM2? Seems a fairly standard approach, and works fine for me. If you can squeeze 2 lights into SM2 then render the image 3x (or construct and FX technique with 3 pass {} blocks)...

Sure, it'll add some extra overhead (re-transforming geometry), but with some decent culling its not usually so bad. Also, its a nice argument to get people to use SM3 hardware - the first FarCry patch didn't really use SM3 for anything beyond optimizations (think they managed to quarter the number of passes by combining 4 lights per SM3 pass)...


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thx for this idea. Do you have any examples on how to put the passes together?

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