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FeedMonster, website, articles, Launcher

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FeedMonster is my Java class project. It's a news feed aggregation website. It sucks, but it works (kinda), and I'm presenting it in class today. I'll be putting up a tarball of it online later this week as an example on how not to do Java coding. By the way, NetBeans furthers the cause of The Great Satan.

FeedMonster is currently missing the ability to slurp Atom, but the architecture makes it pretty simple to add it, or any other newsfeed format for that matter. For RSS feeds it uses Xerces to do SAX processing on the document. The website frontend is a mixture of servlets and JSP that's still pretty rough. There's also two servlets to put out Atom feeds, one for the latest articles that the 'Monster has hoovered, and another for just the latest from user-selected feeds. (It should be noted that the timestamp from those output feeds don't meet the Atom specs, but Sage hasn't complained so I'm cool with it.)

I've updated my website. It's almost complete, content-wise, but I'd like to add some more features. Such as adding a PHP script for downloading files, rather than the direct download method currently used. That way, I can keep track of how many downloads I get on the stuff I put on the site.

There's some other enhancements I could whip up, but I'm not going to bother, for now. I need to take the site out of beta.

Which brings me back to content. I need to break out a pen and start working on my Ruby article again, before someone beats me to it. I'd like to put up some writings on my website and into my career portfolio, but I need to write them first.

I've been working on an MFC application for configuring and starting any OGRE-based game I may start in the future. So far, Launcher is pretty much based on the launcher from FreeSpace 2 (down to the same graphics in the dialog window) but it's pretty lightweight and can be easily manipulated to have any look I'd like.

Right now I'm having a bit of an issue with OGRE, however. Well, with how it lays out its configuration file. If ogre.cfg put everything it actually uses in a section, I'd be able to use the same file for the other configuration info, rather than just graphics. Since that's not the case, though, I've got to work out my own configuration file (thankfully the config file classes in OGRE are really nice to use) and do the configuration by hand. Not that big a deal, but it's time-consuming.

Anyway, the launcher features a Setup dialog (a CPropertySheet with a bunch of CPropertyPages for each logical grouping) and I've got OGRE render systems and FMOD output drivers (for DSound) showing up in comboboxes. I need to set the selected item in the boxes, still, and add further controls for configuration.

If anyone asks nicely, I might share.
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Once I get the money (probably during the summer), I'm switching to a better host. I'm thinking GoDaddy's hosting service.... OMGOMGOMG PANTS!

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