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Blob and Conquer

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I think I'll start a new Monday thing: Every Monday, I'll pimp a new independent game. Here's the first one.

I have no idea how this managed to sneak under my collective radar, but Scarfy, a guy who I have known for awhile on various message boards, has released his latest magnum opus: Blob and Conquer, a sequel to the previous game Metal Blob Solid.

You can get it here, though I think it's only source at this time. It's worth the compile: it's a lot of fun and surprisingly polished for a GPL'd game.
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hotlinking images make baby jesus cry.
their server seems to be choking a bit under you post :)

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It shouldn't be, it's the same image he used to announce the thing and distribute the (12MB) game. [grin]

I'll see if he's OK with it.

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Trying to build this on windows right now. Blob MBS wars was great fun.

Heres a source snippet I passed while trying to iron out some unix from his code:

Show the GNU Public License the first time the game is played. Waits 4 seconds
and then proceeds. THIS MUST NOT BE REMOVED!!!!!

void showLicense()


(Note: I didn't remove it, it didn't come with the source [grin] )

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