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More Level 5...stuff

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I wanted to explain more in detail my ideas for level 5.

Level 5 is going to probably be the most experimental out of them all. It will revolve around navigating Stompy pass various security systems, such as laser grids, guards(who you can just shoot), sentry guns, land mines, and various other traps.

It comes from one of my very first game ideas (at least two years ago). I thought about a game where you played as a thief and would have to sneak in and bypass a bank security system. I wanted to try out this design in one of these levels.

If it turns out bad, well, the next two levels will revolve around shooting[smile]
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I agree, it does seem like it could be good. I cant wait till I get that feeling of accomplishment when I beat this game.

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I have to think up so more interesting traps though, all I have so far are laser bombs and land mines.

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How about falling ground (over spike pits?)

search lights that set off the alarm if you step in the beacm?

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Both good ideas. For searchlights, I would have to add some alpha blending, but then it would work very well.

The falling ground was something I was meaning to do in Level 4 but never got around to it.

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