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Webserver and Jelly Time!

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Today was the painful I had been dreading: Webserver Day. I knew that I'd eventually have to figure out this web stuff in order to get the website up and started, so why not a Monday? :P

(For the record, I'm pretty ignorant in the realm of web programming and the likes)

I'd like to thank in advance the creators of these fine programs that made my life a lot easier:

WAMP Server
Cerberus FTP Server
(And of course those great guys who made Apache, PHP, and mySQL!)

Now things are finally funtional. The domain is still in the redirecting process to point to the server, but you can pop on the tempsite over here if you'd like and watch another movie we made showing off melee and nades some more. [smile]

FTP is also configured and my webdesigner should be getting a forum online in the very near future, to be followed by the website itself. I'm very excited to watch the community building begin!
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If you need some help doing the website drop me a PM, I would be glad to donate SkirmishOnline a nicer website then the POS thats there right now :)

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