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*Nock Nock* . . . Is This Thing On?

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*Deep Breath*

I couldn't hold myself to stay away from journal land much longer. Even though, some (most... all...) of my entries were not of game development matter I liked it. Tis' was a good spot to hunker down and share some thoughts. ;)

So recently I came across some source code on my PC that had a pretty well written source code in SDL. I decided I would take that and step through each process of it, re-code it, and re-design it to see what I could come up with. All of the images are programmer art designed by yours truely.

Here is the process so far.

Right now I've implemented:
- Map Loading from a Text File
- Character Entities
- Console Text Output
- Font System

Next For this Mod:
- Linking Hotspots for Map transition

I also thought it would be nice to get some experience with C# since I have heard some great things about its ability to create tools. So, I decided to try my hands at creating a Map Editor that will allow me to create a 64x64 tile sheet, place down tiles and output them into a text format that will be read from the game.

Though its nothing fancy right now, I've started to learn some interesting things from the way that C# handles events to the creative way multi-dimensional arrays are declared.

I'll be redesigning it unfortunatly. I wasn't thinking too hard when I built it and ran into some issues that would cause me a headaches later.

Time for Sleep, peace.
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That is nifty. I look forward to further updates, because it's always fun to romp through imaginary lands and smash fantasy creatures with blunt/sharp objects.

Especially if, since it's SDL, it's portable to my Mac. It is endian-independent, right? Right? [grin]

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