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Introducing the WhiteBoardDesk(tm)

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Well, the Easter weekend is finished, all the relatives have gone home and life has somewhat returned to normal (as in, back into the grind of work).

Anyway, I've had a whiteboard for a while now, and I've found it indispensible for working out programming problems, scribbling diagrams, reminders, and of course maths. However, I still had it where I'd be scribbling bits down on scrap pieces of paper while sitting at my desk which would accumulate, making a big mess.

So this afternoon I bought a cheap whiteboard from the $2 shop (for $11), knocked off the frame and blu-tacked it to my me the WhiteBoardDesk(tm)!

Here it is in in all its magnificant glory of awesome:

It actually works quite well, besides the left side trying to peel itself off the desk periodically (I'll put some heavy books on it when I go to bed to try and fix that).

I think the only better thing would be to have the whiteboard sufrace as an integral part of the desktop, or better yet get one of those awesome desks as featured in The Island ^__^.

Summing up: everone who makes a WhiteBoardDesk(tm) needs to pay me teh royalties, thx.
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What happens when your arm passes over where you marked and your arms get all marked up and you smear what you drew/wrote.

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Heh, a few people have asked me that ;).

I find it's not really much of an issues as it's mainly just for quick scribbles of something and then I just rub it out. If i do rest my arm on it, such as when using the keyboard, it actually handles it quite well without being rubbed off (and of course, I'm not in the habit of dragging my arm back and forth accross the desk).

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I'd probably be more annnoyed with the very non-smooth-looking edges, but it's still an awesome idea [smile]

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