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So I went to register for courses this morning. Its all done online here, which is a complete bitch. Thankfully, everything I wanted to take fits into a nice schedule -

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
08-09 Physics
09-10 Digital Logic Design
10-11 Programming and Data Representation
11-12 Probability

On Tuesday and Thursday I'm going to have all the labs and stuff. All in all, not too bad a schedule.

When I go to actually register for the courses though, the system pops up a message - "ADVISOR CODE REQUIRED!".


What the fuck. I just went to see my advisor yesterday and he didn't say anything about a registration code. I only managed to find him after stopping into his office every couple of hours, and ugh.

That's not the only problem. Apparently I'm the fucking last person to register, because all sections of all of the above classes (excepting Physics) are full.


So yeah. Looks like I may not be taking any courses next semester. I fucking hate college...

(and sorry for ranting two days in a row - its just UGH though)
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They pulled that same BS on me too. I had been to see BOTH of my advisors (honors college and academic), but then I go to register and SURPRISE! You must file a degree plan with the College Of Arts and Sciences before you may register for courses.

Woohoo. Thanks for telling me about this so early. And to top it off I get an email telling me that my permits for my honors classes will expire in three days, and I won't be able to sign up for them. HOORAY. So I had to go back and see two more advisors.

I'd be screwed except for the fact that nobody takes physics and math courses and the sections I needed were still open.

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