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Still Pumped!

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Just wanted to stress again how pumped I am at my new job. I've always wanted to get in there. Now I just need to clean up my massive number of side projects and probably release them OS to the public.

Forgot to mention that last Monday (April 10th) was my birthday, and conveniently that was also my last interview with BioWare. So basically I got the coolest birthday gift ever. :)

I start on June 5th!

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Have a belated Congratulations man! Incredibly wicked that you nailed the job! In the end, all of that hard work and perseverance ended up payin off and now you stand stand high on that pedistal because you've definitely become an inspriation to the folks around here. Thats what a little dedication and understanding where, exactly, you want to be can do for a person.

Again, congratulations and I wish you the best of luck at your new home away from home. :)

On a side note. I think it would be benificial to hear any sort of tips that made you successful at the GDC, networking wise. Care to comment? I wasn't actually aware that they offered on the spot interviews at the conference.

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Just get in the face of people. Bring lots of business cards and a portfolio you can show to interested people. Attending roundtables is a great way to find people related to a specific role you want to become.

Don't be afraid to talk to someone. They won't come to you (unless they already know about you, in which case you've approached them before) so you need to initiate the conversations.

Don't be a pain in the ass and follow people around wherever they go. It's cool that you are super excited about the prospect of a job (I know I'm in that category) but remember that the people you are following around came to GDC on their own agenda too. If you have questions, make sure you prepare a list of them early instead of seeking them out on a per question basis. It shows you are prepared but also reduces the number of times you "bug" a certain person.


Hope that helps!


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Hey Graham,

Again, that's just awesome that you got a job there, congratulaions for sure!!! :) Also, belated happy b-day!

Time will fly by quick until June 5th! (haha I'm such a rhymer)

Hit me up on MSN some time: briguy992@sbcglobal.net

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