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Okay, so I've been wanting for a long time now to bitch about how the Game Programming Wiki is organized poorly.

Today, I finally did it. I'm expecting them to return with the usual "this is how we've always done it and it works" reply. We'll see. I'd love for the GPWiki to become a more useful knowledge repository, but it really wasn't laid out with scalability in mind.

That, and they're the main argument against wikifying GDNET, because "There already is a GPWiki..."



Though his arguments are valid, told you so. I can't wait to see what happens, this is really exciting :)
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The GPWiki does need a lot of work, but that's because of a lack of a Wikipedia-style oversight committee.

I'm sure if you volunteered to work as a minimal-quality-level engineer and head of the restructuring committee you could get somewhere better with it than if you just called it shit.

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Don't get me wrong - I plan to do as much work as possible to fix it. I'd absolutely love to see the GPWiki be the great repository of knowledge I know it can be. They've got tons of great articles that I've used countless times to set stuff up, and I'd be honored to help them re-organize.

I didn't mean to sound derogitory, I'd just had a pretty lousy day when I wrote that post. You of all people, ravuya, should know to take my crap with a grain of salt :)

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