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So, I'm trying out the torque demo, which hasn't changed in ages (other than they added the GUI editor and mission editor to the demo.) I was playing the FPS demo, walking along shooting off my explosive bolts and all of a sudden they stop, but the noise is still play (no, the crossbow wasn't moving.) So I figured I had messed something up/found a glitch. So I restart and it still does it. So they obviously aren't stopping the sound from playing.

I'm trying to walk out the door and oops, evidentally I'd rather try to climb the wall. If you're looking forward/down, the character should "jump" when you walk into the wall (hell, I don't even think that should happen if you're looking up.)

So, I give up on that and try the racing demo. I followed the course at first, but eventually started wandering off. I'm driving up and down mountains and somehow I manage to get back to the track and everything is gone except for the shadows (i.e. the blockades, the trees, etc.) So, I go back to driving around and I get way WAY out, and fall into a hole. Not a regular hole, it looks as if the map had a negative value in it for one of the sections (its like a well, one small section that drops instantly.) This is actually the second time that I've found this whole.

I know I'm just being picky here, but these are pretty much the reasons that I have decided not to use Torque. Seriously, if they can't even use it right, what chance do I have?
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Seriously, if they can't even use it right, what chance do I have?
I get your point but.. you are accusing them of not being able to use it right.

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I know I was pretty hard on it, but I'm a giant perfectionist. I know that its not going to be perfect. I guess I just like to complain [wink].

Thanks for the reply!

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Make sure you have the version dated 11/23/2005. They updated it right before they released TGE 1.4. You can also check out the movies I've linked here and here to see what TGE is now capable of in conjunction with TSE.

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Sorry, I misworded it. I wasn't really trying to say that the engine was bad, my point was that if they're not willing to take the time to properly advertise it (like checking to see if your ammo was empty before playing the firing sound and reloading models when you return to the area), then why should I think that they took the time to make the engine as bugless/optimized/etc as possible?

Again, I'm not trying to say that the engine isn't bad, I actually think that its pretty nice and has a lot of features. But, I'm not going to buy something when they don't put forth much effort to sell it to me.

Also, my point about the demo was that they've improved and upgraded the engine a lot, so can the same engine that was used to represent the old feature list be used to represent the new feature list? And, although they were nice, movies don't cut it. Movies don't let me test whether or not my machine supports it and they don't let me get a feel for it. This is the same reason that I haven't bought a new release game in about 6 months. I was going to buy Elder Scrolls IV, and I'm glad I didn't because although my card is on the supported list, it doesn't run very well (and a movie doesn't help me here.) Also, movies SHOW you what the gameplay is like, but I think that you should be able to FEEL what its like.

I'm not trying to be an ass or anything, so sorry if I sound like one (I am one, but I try not to sound like one [wink].) And I'm sorry for ranting, I do that a lot.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know that its not perfect, I'm nitpicking. Thats what I do >_<.

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