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Releases of Tension

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So I was just reading Mithrandirs latest journal entry and I was quite surprised when I started a slight introspection on my own life. I have recently become quite an angry bastard, or at least grumpy might be a better way to describe it.

I think I can put this down to a few reasons:
  • My parents show favoritism towards my sister, have been eager to help her out financially, talk to her constantly - while I have been left to go it alone and talk to them a couple of times a month. This doesn't bother me in itself, but leaves me feeling somewhat left out.
  • My mother in law decides when she wants to turn up and live at our house and I have almost no say in telling her to @#$% off (except after she has been there a month).
  • I moved 1200km away from my friends to please my wife, and as such am stuck in a place where I get on with relatively NOBODY (for over a year now).
  • I used to play Indoor Cricket as my relief of tension about 3-5 times a week before I moved. I have not played Indoor Cricket (or any sport) in the 14 months since I moved here
  • I am now studying full time as well as working full time, which leaves me with - no time (or -1*time).
  • My other outlet for frustration used to be during programming. Time contraints now pretty much eliminate that (though perhaps next semester I can do this on assignments - since I am not doing any programming related classes at the moment)
  • Gaming is non existent. I still haven't had any time since I bought Morrowind and NeverWinter Nights however many years ago to actually play them. The Warcraft III Collectors Edition Chest is relatively unopened.
  • Having to care for my dog takes up more time, and my wife now resents that I spend no time with her (despite the fact that she pushed me into finishing uni).

Don't get me started on the little things that piss me off at work either :/

Now when I should be blowing off steam by smashing runs or bowling bodyline I tend to rant and shout. Not very good for relationships that, ranting and shouting. I feel like I am in a permanently grumpy mood. If it wasn't for the couple of beers on the weekend with the GDNet guys I wouldn't have seen any friends in over a year.
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