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Sheet editor update

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Ok, I've got the sheet editor design all done. I was right and Raymond didn't want to go with the hacked version (thank god.) So, instead we're just sticking with a regular listbox and text.

Why is it that windows has all of these controls "built in" with no obvious support for anything? I can kind of understand the not inherently being able to drag items around in a listview. I don't understand at all why dragging items around isn't put into the control as a feature. Wouldn't it have been a better idea to include a common feature and be able to turn it off than to have not included it and make the user code it by hand?

Also, listbox doesn't inherently deslect items. Seriously, when the user clicks in the client rect of the listbox and isn't clicking an item, he obviously wants to deselect. Another commonly required feature that isn't in their.

Ofcourse, I may just be blind and missing it.

Edit: Argh, I thought I had it figured out. I am just doing:

String CurItem = lboxFrames.SelectedItem.ToString();

int nIndex = lboxFrames.FindString(CurItem, -1);
if(nIndex == -1)
lboxFrames.SetSelected(nIndex, true);

inside of SelectedIndexChanged() and I keep getting a stack overflow on SetSelected() even though the index is correct.
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