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STATUS UPDATE: Calix Map Development Tool [ Deadline: 5/3 ]

Today I spent some time redesigning the 2D Map Editor which has been formally named to Calix - MDT, for Map Development Tool.

Calix is being designed to take full advantage of MDI, or Multiple Document Interface. MDI will be used to maintain the users desire to sit down and design their entire map collection while keeping everything in arms reach. However, if they choose to do so, they can save the entire project and come back to it later.

Today I put together the main GUI that will be the framework for the fun I'll be having tomorrow, or rather today.... *cough*

Next: Tile Selector

I'll be using 3 2D Arrays for this implementation.

The Tile Selector will load a 256x256 *.bmp consisting of 64 32x32 sized tiles into a 2D array. Another 2D array will keep track of the actual tile position so that when I go to pick up the tile and place it down onto the map, I know what tile I used and where it's being drawn too, which leads to storing the exact map into the last 2D array consisting of either a 16x16, 32x32, or 64x64 sized map.

After that I will be building a custom dialog that will make the exporting process much more user customized. I for one don't want to tell people how they want to make their map file, but I will definitely offer some creative advice so they can choose how they want to format their *.map file. [To be Continued...]

I'm definitely new to the C# scene and I really enjoy it thus far.

My aim for this tool is to simplify my time for creating maps and to just get some programming experience with C#. However, the beginner 2D developer out there could surely find this to be a helpfull tool. I will likely link it from the top of my journal for those that want it.

I've set a deadline for it that should easily be met, but, mainly it is there for me to get into the groove of better 'planning'. This small project is being taken through a serious paper/whiteboard design to a coding/implementation process for a better grasp of planning and practice.

Time for Sleep
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