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Wireless network

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I was finally able to repair my wireless network. About a month ago my niece was playing on it, and she's gullible was clicking the adds that look like old Win98 windows. Since then I haven't been able to add a new wireless network or anything, so I've been using my regular connection. To fix this I searched my pig-sty(sp?) for the installation CD and viola, its working again.

Ethereal Darkness Interactive update
Deselecting crap in the listbox doesn't work right (actually, it doesn't work the way I want it to.) Maybe Raymond or one of you C# gurus can help me with this one.

Other than that, I don't really have much to say. Hopefully I can get this sheet editor done before the weekend so I can move on (I don't mind working on it, I just feel that I've already spent too much time on it, although I did have to learn C# first.)

Dragonfire Games Update
Well, I finally settled down and started working on the engine's design document. I was going to jump around, doing different components, but I'm going to need a modules to work with to do that. So, I decided that I'm going to go in a specific order.

I've got a lot to learn before I finish the engine, mainly being 3D concepts (terrain, camera systems, math, models, animation, and collision detection), shader techniques, physics, and networking. I don't plan on the networking module being very robust, since the only functionality I really want it to support is 2 person multiplayer.

Problem is, I have no idea where to start learning any of this stuff. Networking and physics being the biggest problem, since I have absolutely no knowledge of either subject. I atleast no the terms used in 3D concepts, as well as some basic knowledge. Any suggestions?

The engine will contain both 2D and 3D modules including terrain, camera, model, animation, collision detection, and physics (amongst others.) Classes will be named similarly in both modules, as well as being designed similarly.

Since this is now my back burner project, I'm adding tons of features. This probably seems odd to most, since I have less time to work on it. But, the fact is now I have a more reasonable time frame in my head. Before I was thinking I could get a functional Baldur's Gate like game done in 2-3 months, when it would obviously take at least a year. I'm also more focused when working on it, instead of my mind wandering (since I have less time to work on it.)

I'm trying to think of a good way to show my progress at the top of the journal (so that I'm not posting every 10 minutes.) Maybe I'll have a bunch of thumbnails+links up there. We'll see.

Once I actually get started, I'm going to keep an offline journal that I'm going to put an entry into every day. This way I can keep track of what problems I had, little tricks I learned, etc.

Also, anybody thats reading this. Is this an acceptable hack:

templated function GetData()
case TYPE_INTEGER: return *((TemplateType*)&m_Integer);
case TYPE_FLOAT: return *((TemplateType*)&m_Float);
case TYPE_BOOLEAN: return *((TemplateType*)&m_Boolean);
case TYPE_STRING: return *((TemplateType*)&m_String);
float fDummy = 0.0f;
return *((TemplateType*)&fDummy);

The casting is what I want to know about. The code works perfectly and all, I just want to know if it would be acceptable in a commercial product (game, library, etc.) It wouldn't be necessary, but the compiler give sme an error because I have the case TYPE_STRING. Also, I haven't checked into the C++ casting things, would one of them work better (as well as get around the compiler error)?

But, thats all for another day, because now its bedtime.
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