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Walls part 1

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Having given up on flats the focus is now on walls. I was able to whip up this quick screenshot.

Right now it only builds 2 triangles for each line, even if it's two sided, plus it adds walls for trigger lines. Those should be easy enough to fix though.

I have the wall textures/patches loaded, but I haven't gotten around to figuring out the texture coords ( finals = [crying] ). For those of you not familiar with DOOM levels(that's probably everyone but Ben), DOOM uses a different format for walls then the other textures. Walls actually have multiple textures on them or "patches". Multi-texturing is out of the question since I think there's one wall in Doom1 with 64 patches, plus each one has different coordinates. So what I'm doing now is simply creating the patches and then "adding" textures to them at load time. It works pretty well.

This is great for the doors since the 5 quads can all use the same texture. However there's a problem, I'm only given the texture for the default position of switches. So either I'll have to load ever single patch in the WAD, or somehow detect which one's are switches and then also load their counterpart.

Well that's it for now. I have like a crap load of tests and work to do so the next entry probably won't be till this weekend.
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Yeah I saw that. I check Ben's journal before anyone elses, even mine.

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