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SQLite glues

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The SQLite glue-DLL is proceeding apace. Only problem is that this is the first production code in C that I've written in fifteen years, and I'm a mite rusty. I'm using Digital Mars C++ because it seems to carry the least baggage, and it'd just be rude if my little glue-DLL was larger than the SQL engine to which it's gluing. It's standing at 12K with all of the code written, so that shouldn't be a problem.

The IDE is downright archaic, basically the old Symantec C++ IDE with the about-box and icon changed. I like it, though, because the help is nice and simple. All of the C runtime functions and Win32 API's are built as an old-school Windows HLP file. Say what you will about MSDN, but HLP files are great if you don't wanna sift through twelve paragraphs of pontificating just to find out the argument order for strcpy().

Hopefully I'll have something usable today.
Actual conversation with my daughter yesterday morning:

Maggie: Daddy, I need an ipod.

Me: Umm. . .Maggie, what's an ipod?

Maggie: I don't know.

Thus it begins. . .
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Give her broccoli and tell her that's what an iPod is.

Parental deception got me to where I am today without many *twitch* problems.

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One of my friends and her husband used to eat ice cream while they fed thier daughter rice pudding. One day she got her fingers into one of their bowls...

They found out the hard way how much of a grudge a 10 month old could hold.

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